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Welcome to Get Well Circus, a gutsy new(ish) circus collective creating and celebrating with our chronic health and Disability community.

This online journal is presented by the artists of Get Well Soon, a new contemporary circus show that explores experiences of chronic pain and illness: the good, the bad, and the earnestly gory.

This initiative aims to champion awareness, education and empathy for the experiences of the chronic pain and illness communities. We are led by creatives with lived experiences of chronic pain, illness and disability.


By curating our creative reflections, educational resources and platforming other artistic works, we hope to connect with audiences in meaningful ways both on and off the stage. We invite you to use this online journal as a tool to help interpret and unpack the ideas we explore in contemporary circus, and get thinking about ways to engage with and support your friends and loved ones with these experiences.

We also want to foster community by celebrating the work of other creatives who are talking, researching, creating, writing, painting, dancing, filming, knitting and making about their experiences of chronic pain, illness and navigating barriers to care (medical, social and political), too.

Did you attend our digital show?

Get Well Circus premiered their titular circus-meets-film-storytelling show, Get Well Soon, at Melbourne Fringe in October 2022 in collaboration with Underground Media's Chris Bennett and over 20 Australian creatives living with disability and chronic health conditions.


We're busy behind the scenes developing new platforms to share this work with new audiences, so don't worry if you missed the season! In the meantime you can read about our process and watch "The Making Of" trailer we haphazardly created about our 4-year pandemic-delayed creative process.

Digital Show

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Please note that this project is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, and should not be relied on as health advice.


Get in touch with us, say hello, ask some questions. We'll always do our best to reply in a timely manner but we've been known to overspend our spoons from time to time.

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