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Get Well Cast Announcement!

It’s been a hot minute at Get Well, and we’ve got some hot news for 2021.

[Illustration of three circus performers in medical garb by @ela_brat]

With love and appreciation of Jon Bon's contributions and creative genesis, we give big thanks to his genuine allyship and passion for the start-up of this project and send off onto his next chapter with Circa.

We welcome Abbie Madden and Maxx Parsons as our newest Get Well artists. Abbie, recipient of the 2020 Arts Access Australia National Leadership Award, brings an international career in dance and circus and her lived experience of congenital glaucoma in healthcare and accessibility. Maxx is our beloved resident able-bodied inquisitive maker and performer, who specialises in juggling, Chinese pole, sewing and violin, and is soon to graduate NICA with our OG @Emily Loe.

We’re also here to congratulate Samantha Martin our Creative Producer on her recent participation in Testing Sites 2021, for co-designing her public art and circus apparatus BEAD MAZE TOY piece (fully sick).

Feeling a lot of gratitude for the start of our year and all the new opportunities for this grassroots project that all started back in 2019 after Sam read “The Girl That Cried Pain: A Bias Against Women In The Treatment Of Pain”, got pissed off and decided to try make some change to medical inequity. Sick.

2021, here we go.



Our posts reflect our own individual creative process and reflections, we do not speak on the behalf of our project supporters.



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