Visual Arts

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Human Becomings

Artist Lex Randolph (He/him). "Human Becomings exemplifies the constant change of human identity, and challenges how physical bodies contribute to our sense of self."

Alterknit Universe

Bristol-based wool shop and community, led by crafter Kim. "The shop and Kim’s personal social media (instagram and youtube mostly) attract many other crafty people with hidden disabilities and illnesses. It’s a place to feel safe, hold something that been created with love, and remind yourself that we are all striving to be positive and productive members of society."

Bri Noonan

Photographer and zine maker, looking at the intersection of being chronically ill, queer and making art.

Small Supply

Handmade goods by Danielle Freiman - Carries handmade goods for mental health, healing, and self care. She created the shop as a platform for talking about things that are hard to talk about and sharing her experiences with mental illnesses like depression and anxiety.

Ellie Kammer

Artist (she/her) - Kammer draws on her own experiences with chronic health conditions and translates them into bold and confronting images that speak to an underrepresented community: people living with disability or illness.

Rana 2.0

Artist (She/her) based in NYC

The Nightstand Collective

Photo Series by Emma Jones - “The nightstand collective is an exploration of chronic illness through the intimate space of the bedroom nightstand.”

Adelaide Damoah

Painter (She/her) - “But, beyond shaping her career, endometriosis has a profound impact on her creative style and artistic process too. Although her art covers many themes unrelated to the condition including sexual harassment, colonialism, and her Ghanian roots, even here the relationship to her body that her diagnosis helped create informs her work.”