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Meet the Artists*:

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Jon Bonvaventura (he/him)

A well travelled performer and creator, Jon has toured internationally within some of Australia’s leading circus companies including CIRCA, Casus and Circus Oz.

Jon is a natural mover, skilled acrobat, fierce aerial performer and experienced maker. After graduating NICA with a Bachelor of Circus Arts, he has performed on internationally renowned stages. He is also no stranger to pain management.

Jon boasts a history of staggering injuries and is known for coming back bigger, better and healthier. This has fostered an authentic passion for the way artists look after themselves in a high risk art form, both on and off the stage.


For Jon, Get Well Soon is about allyship, and an exploration of recovery and deeper learning about his experiences in a medical system that often privileges white cis men and athletic professionals. See Jon's Get Well work here.

Emily Loe (she/her)

Em is a soon-to-be graduate of the National Institute if Circus Arts, specialising in partner acrobatics and bounce juggling. Before migrating to Melbourne to pursue acrobatics, Em boasted a committed and competitive gymnastics career from age seven back at home in NSW. She then represented Australia at the Mia International World Cup in Portugal. The girl knows how to move.

Her passion for movement and performance has grounded her artistic practice in circus arts, and recently performed in Na Djinang Circus' Social Staples.


Em's genuine curiosity about human experience has led a deep dive into Get Well Soon research. She is passionate about learning about accessibility in arts and developing her own practice, often making new digital, visual and auditory projects. She draws on her vulnerable experiences of pain and ongoing diagnosis processes in Get Well Soon. Read up.

Evie Clayton (they/them)

Evie is a synthetic chemist, science communicator and circus artist who likes to apply the same curiosity and critical thinking to both science and circus. Evie's specialties are aerial rope, handstands and synthetic glycobiology.

Evie is a formidable online advocate for queer chronic pain patients, researching and voicing critical contemporary issues facing their community. We love that they are passionate about both intersectionality and movement.

Evie is also a participant in Midsumma's Pathways Program, a mentorship program for LBGTQIA+ artists with disability to develop artistic practices, focusing on circus dramaturgy

Get Well Soon is Evie's first project as a dramaturg. Their meaningful work explores medical misogyny, cissexism and heterosexism, drawing on their lived experiences as a queer, non binary person and chronic pain patient. Check out their work here.

Samantha Martin (she/her)

Sam is an arts worker and occasional creative. She has worked on a number of feminist, change-making projects including Safer Venues WA, Camp Conscious Collective and YUCK Circus.

Sam cares passionately about the arts sector and has been working on the Fringe circuit since she was 18, when she was mistaken for a stage manager and offered her first Fringe World venue role. She has since worked internationally across independent film, music, arts festivals and circus projects. She currently studies her Masters of Cultural Leadership at NIDA, up-skilling in advocacy and cultural sustainability.

Sam is the creative producer of Get Well Soon and draws on her lived experiences of chronic pain and medical gaslighting to champion meaningful change for people with chronic conditions. She fancies herself a bit of a wordsmith and enjoys working behind the scenes. Read her posts and/or get in touch.

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*If you're wondering, why the spoons? Check out Spoon Theory, a popular metaphor describing the metrics of limited energy experienced by people with chronic health conditions.
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