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Pain & Performance.

Talking about it and showing it are very different beasts.

How do we show an audience, that we see their pain and that we feel it too, without taking them to a place of trauma?

This is a conversation Evie and I have been diving into lately, after an awful experiences with a circus show that demonstrated sickness and injury, and years of avoiding certain films and internet fails because of my own relationship with getting hurt.

We’re talking about creating an environment were we can educate and heal and grieve, but in order to do that, how do we best perform experiences of pain without diluting it in layers of metaphor or being too literal and really taking people to a place they might not want to go? Where is the sweet spot between honesty and being graphic?

Ego urges me to push to talk about the things we might not want to for the sake of art, but that isn’t the primary purpose of this project and I’m excited to be on the floor with everyone and experience these feelings in front of an audience for the first time, and also terrified.

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