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Push. Oh wait, Pull.

Jon gave me a prompt to 'acrobatically' push on a pull door.

This is what I came up with.

This project is teaching me a lot about what defines disability and how people live with chronic illnesses.

I imagine to live with a chronic illness or with a disability in a world where they are socially determined, life would consistently feel like your pushing on a pull door. You're always putting in more effort to get the same result. You're tiring yourself out for the same outcome everyone else has.

Small thoughts for a much larger topic needing to be addressed.

If you're keen to learn more about disability, here is a link to Project LETS Disability Justice

Jon has also explored Johanna Hedva's, Sick Woman Theory in his Invisible Bodies post. Highly recommend having a look at both of those.

Song: Falaise by Floating Points

[Video description: Emily is doing various acrobatic movements, using a closed door as a counterweight. She is in a room with a whiteboard, wedge and scattermats in the background. The door is grey and the walls are also grey panels. She is wearing a black t-shirt with white writing with blue and black leggings. Her dark curly hair is tied back in a ponytail.]



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